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The Jackson Twinz
The twin brothers Scharodrick 'Preach' and Scharod 'Danger' Jackson from Atlanta, Georgia started singing gospel in the church when they were children. 

Gospel led them to singing R&B, and in 1991 they ventured overseas for the first time-to Japan where they found themselves playing at a venue that specialized in Motown music. The genre-soul music infused with pop, and inspired by the American motor town of Detroit-was unfamiliar to the brothers, but they quickly adapted, and credit the experience for broadening their repertoire.
Today the twins travel all around the world as recording artists and entertainers. Producing music in the studio as well as performing big live shows and events are what The Jackson Twinz truly love. 

JTZ can be booked for live events and shows, private events (e.g. weddings) as well as TV, movie and photo productions. Also available for modelling events and photo or video shoots.

The Jackson Twinz
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