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The Jackson Twinz and LMT Connection feat. Chops Horns & Joel Parisien

In May 2018 we had the honor to share stage with true legends!!!! We surprised our friends from LMT Connection ... Leroy Emmanuel, Mark Rogers and John Irving in Wels, Austria. These guys are incredible.... we enjoyed an awesome show with incredibly talented artists. So glad we also got to meet and jam with the boys from Chops Horns: David Watson and Darryl Dixon and Joel Parisien! From Asia to Europe...


This is a video from our spontaneous jam... a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition",  Venue: Alter Schlachthof, Wels, Austria

AOC Absence of Color : "All of me" - cover

The Jackson Twinz and Absence of Color live in January 2018 AOC:


Stephan Perry - guitar

Micah Johnston - drums

Eddie Allen - bass

Nate Johnson - MD, keys

Terrence T Murphy - vocals

Scharod 'Danger' Jackson - vocals Scharodrick 'Preach' Jackson - vocals

The Jackson Twinz jamming spontaneously in Munich, Germany (Summer 2016) 

JTZ had the honor to get up on stage and jam with  "Gerry & Gary with their Used Underwear" in the Augustiner Schützengarten, Munich 

Germany, Summer 2016. We've never played with this band before and just had a great time on stage  with these great musicians!

The Jackson Twinz & Zero

The Bencham Ball, Beijing, China​

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